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Private charter flights in best price!

Private charter flights can also be useful when you need to transport a lot of luggage (there are basically no formal restrictions here) or animals (no problem in Poland, and most often abroad too).

Charters are also rented for medical purposes. Transporting the rescue team to the scene of the accident or the injured person to the hospital can save lives – and this is, after all, the highest value.

Of course, in addition to the reasons mentioned above, there may also be simply the need for comfort, which even the business class will not provide.

HOW MUCH IS IT? So how thick a wallet do you need to have to be able to rent a charter, private charter flights? Much depends on the direction we are going, the type of aircraft, the composition of the crew and many other factors. Generally speaking, if we want to travel in private charter flights, we will pay from about PLN 2,000. euros per flight. Between European countries, however, prices start at 10,000. euro. It is rare that people who can afford private flights choose the cheapest options. However, it is difficult to give an upper price limit, because depending on your preferences, well … sky is the limit.