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Oversized Haulage services UK and documents you need to have

To transport abnormal cargo organized by oversized Haulage services UK, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate permit – the permits issued are divided into five categories due to dimensions, weight, type of vehicle and type of road to which they apply. The permit may concern a single journey or entitle the carrier to carry out transport for the period indicated in the document (e.g. a month, 6 months) and allows to move along the route indicated in the permit. The application for a transport permit, depending on the permit category, should be submitted to: the road manager, Oversized Haulage services UK company or the head of the customs and tax office in the case of transporting cargo to Poland.

When organizing oversize transport, oversized Haulage services UK on an international route, the carrier must also ensure that the relevant permits are obtained and the method and time of order fulfillment are adapted to local road regulations for each country on the route. Check offer to oversized Haulage services UK – go to our website!

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